About Us

Life360 is a San Mateo, California-based information technology company that operates a leading technology platform used to locate the people, pets and things that matter most to families.

The Company’s core offering, the Life360 mobile app, is a market leading app for families, with features that range from communications to driving safety and location sharing. Life360 had 66 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) worldwide as at March 31, 2024. We were listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2019.

Core to the way we work and collaborate, and further to our responsible business practices, are our values:

  • Be a Good Person.
  • Be Direct with Respect.
  • Members Over Metrics.
  • High Intensity, High Impact.

What ESG means to us

At Life360 we recognise that investors, customers and our community are looking for partners with responsible business practices, both financial and non-financial. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and opportunities impact the success of any organisation and ours is no exception. At the core of our ethos is social good, and so pursuing ESG responsibility is a natural next step in our journey.

ESG considerations are an important part of our decision making process, and we strive to make decisions that drive positive impact and promote responsible outcomes.

ESG considerations are aligned with our values. With a strong social focus as part of our mission, we are naturally working to empower and uplift our communities, customers and people through our service offering.

Life360 has established an ESG Committee devoted to benchmarking, auditing, learning, and building a roadmap to our sustainability impact. One of the means in which we establish our due diligence is through participation in ESG benchmarking surveys where we have provided evidence and created a baseline to help build our roadmap. Below are a few recent surveys that Life360 has participated in as part of our efforts: